Pechichal’s Fighters

Model made in Agisoft Metashape. 221 images taken wiOn April 16, 2016, Ecuador suffered from a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on the coastal region. The whole country suffered significant losses; there were 670 deaths, 6,274 injuries, and 28,775 displaced individuals who had to move into provisional shelters. The town of Pechichal, in Manabí province, was one of the communities affected. The residents of this town lost their primary economic income and their lives were forced to change in order to overcome the crisis. The media in Ecuador played an important role in peoples’ desire to help those affected. When the earthquake was daily news, people from the main cities of the country felt the need to contribute by gathering food, water, and supplies. As the media coverage declined, the population gradually reduced its level of contribution. Through the use of 360 videos, an innovate immersive technology, this project’s intent is to follow up on this story, documenting the daily challenges of the residents to overcome the outcomes of this crisis. This was done in collaboration with the Immersive Media Initiative and the Infectious and Tropical Diseases Institute from Ohio University and the Center for Research on Health in Latin America (CISeAL, PUCE-Ecuador) th dji mavic pro were used.