Horned Marsupial-Frog still alive in Ecuador

The Horned Marsupial-Frog (Gastrotheca cornuta) is seen for the first time in Ecuador in over a decade. To help keep it alive, we must all join forces to help save its habitat: the last remaining 2% of Choco rainforest in Ecuador. You can help determine the fate of this frog by donating at www.savethechoco.com.

The opportunity to save the frog along with the only large remaining Choco rainforest in Ecuador may not present itself again. Every day nearly 70 hectares of this biodiverse hotspot are lost in Ecuador. However, our team of researchers found the remaining population of the Horned Marsupial-Frog in an area where plots of nearly intact rainforest are being sold for just $500 per hectare.

Take a leap, visit the Choco, and save its frogs.